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What Is Nordic Walking?

Health Benefits & What Happens In Nordic Walking Classes

Nordic Walking Classes & The Health Benefits

What is Nordic Walking? It’s walking with Four Legs! Nordic Walking uses specially designed poles which exercise the upper as well as the lower body, so it’s a total body workout. It will strengthen your core supporting muscles and back, burn more calories than simply walking without poles, and help to firm up and tone arms, as well as your legs and bottom!

So what do you do in a Nordic Walking Class? Our popular hour long classes, exercise, mobilise and tone your whole body….. We walk for 45-50 minutes after a few mobilising/warm up exercises, finishing the class with a whole body stretch….. All in the great outdoors taking in the beautiful parts of Alexandra Palace/Park & surrounding area.

Nordic Walking Classes | Fitness Improvements

Whatever your reasons for joining Johanna Green and the team in a Nordic Walking Class, we aim to help you improve your overall health and well being in the following ways:

  • Get Fitter, Feel Healthier
  • Improve Stamina & Energy
  • Improve Mobility & Strength
  • Get Toned, Firmer & Improve Your Shape
  • Lose/Shed Weight & Keep It Off
  • All whilst protecting and improving any joint/health challenges
What is nordic walking? We tell you all

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What Are The Health Benefits of Nordic Walking Classes

Nordic Walking is a Whole Body Workout

Nordic Walking, unlike regular walking, uses the arms and upper body as well as the legs and lower body which means that a Nordic Walking Session is a Whole Body Workout. Using the specially designed Nordic Walking Poles allows you to engage the muscles in the arms and upper body to increase the overall activity and intensity of the exercise.

Nordic Walking helps to increase your lung capacity and improve your circulation of blood and oxygen around the body.

Nordic Walking Burns More Calories

Nordic Walking can burn up to 46% more calories than with ordinary walking. If your goal is to lose weight and to keep it off then this is an ideal exercise.

Why does Nordic Walking burn more calories than ordinary walking? Using the Nordic Walking Poles means that you use the muscles in your upper body as well as your lower body, this increases the energy that your body needs to work.

Using the Nordic Walking Poles makes you work harder, without even realising it. You find that you can walk faster, go further and improve your stamina, for everyday activity.

Nordic Walking helps you to Tone, Trim & Firm-up

Nordic Walking exercise technique helps you to focus on targeting your upper arms, shoulders and stomach and back muscles….. Your ‘core’ muscles…..

During your Nordic Walking session the instructors will be encouraging you to maintain good posture and techinique which will train you to use your abdmonial and lower back muscles and as a result will trim your waist and strengthen your entire core!

The Nordic Walking techinique or pushing the poles into the ground really works the entire ʻmiddleʼ of the body and all of your back, which further strengthens your core muscles that support overall good posture.

Nordic walking is also a weight-bearing exercise and uses 90% of the bodyʼs skeletal muscle. So it is excellent for bone health and as it is outside your body is able to absorb that all important vitamin D.

Nordic Walking for better Posture, Balance & Relaxation

One of the unique features of Nordic walking techiniqe is that you plant the poles behind you. This keeps your posture upright and your chest open. The technique, which includes rotating your upper body, also helps release tension in your neck and shoulders and reduces the impact on joints. In our classes we always spend some time working on technique to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from Nordic walking – ʻchest lifted, shoulders down, belly and bottom inʼ has almost become a mantra!


Nordic Walking for those with Joint Issues or Injuries

Nordic Walking workouts are ideal if you are looking for an exercise that can accommodate a joint or muscle issue or injury.

Nordic Walking workouts are gentle on the joints and can be a good way to exercise even if you have: neck; shoulder; back; hip; knee or ankle problems. This is because by using the poles and your upper body, you take weight off of your lower body; and by using your upper body, you mobilse and strengthen it….. Which aids joints.

Anyone who is recovering from illness or injury will find Nordic Walking perfect to gently introduce more activity into their life in a gradual and sustainable way.


Nordic Walking Classes are Social & Fun

As well as getting a good workout, Nordic Walking Groups are social and enjoyable with friendly, supportive and inclusive instructors and fellow Nordic Walkers.

What’s great is that whilst chatting and catching up you also get a great workout without really noticing.

Whatever your fitness levels anyone can enjoy exercising with a Nordic Walking group. Nordic Walkers say that they feel like they matter and love being part of the group.

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More About Nordic Walking…..

All Year & All Weather Nordic Walking Groups

Day or night and in all weather throughout the year Nordic Walkers come to get fitter and keep healthy.

Some want to lose weight, tone up and feel more energised, others want to become or keep mobile, strong and fit, despite having an illness or joint problem. Some Nordic Walkers are preparing for a walking holiday.

Whatever the reason, all our Nordic Walkers love being outdoors and enjoying the wonderful surroundings of Alexandra Palace and Park.

Who Goes To The Nordic Walking Classes?

Groups are, typically 4 – 15 people. We are a friendly mix of local residents and some from further afield, aged 35 plus; anyone who enjoys getting fitter in the great outdoors. We’re sociable and welcoming and love to encourage others.

Who Teaches The Nordic Walking Classes?

Johanna Green and her team of Professionals are experienced and qualified Nordic Walking Group Instructors.

What Our Outdoor Fitness Classes Clients Are Saying

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Nordic Walking Group Classes in North London:
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