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Invigorating Outdoor Alternatives to the Gym!

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just getting started, whether you want to improve your overall health and fitness or you have a specific goal in mind: a running or obstacle course event, a walking holiday, getting back into shape or recovering from a recent injury, Johanna Green’s Health & Outdoor Fitness Classes in North London are for you.

Exercise at your pace in classes & groups designed for all fitness levels from beginners to those who have been active all of their life. With so many different styles of Outdoor Fitness Classes to choose from:

Your Outdoor Fitness Classes Options

Alternative Boot Camp Classes

Our Bootcamp Classes:

  • Fun & Welcoming
  • Energy Boosting
  • Trim, Tone, Strengthen
  • Improve Mobility
  • Adapted for all levels

Nordic Walking Classes

Nordic Walking Offers:

  • Low Impact Exercise
  • Enhanced Walking
  • Strengthen Arms & Core
  • Boost Stamina & Energy
  • Whole Body Workout

Indoor/Outdoor Personal Training

Bespoke PT Sessions:

  • Your personal goals
  • Focused & specific
  • Outdoors or Inside
  • Whole body approach
  • 1-2-1 or small groups

Adventure Walking Groups

Taking Walking Further:

  • Explore Londons Parks
  • Relaxing yet invigorating
  • Fun, Friendly & Social
  • Refresh your mind
  • Walking Weekends

Why Choose Outdoor Fitness Classes?

Exercising outdoors is a fun and invigorating way to take your health & fitness to the next level. Outdoors is more adventurous, with an even greater sense of achievement.

Change of scenery – seasons, colours, flowers, trees, lush green grass, blossom, views of London, the Heron and ducks, clear blue skies, stormy or moody skies, atmospheric moonlight, sunsets, sunrises….. all manner of flora and fauna, not to be seen in a gym!

Studies show benefits to activity outdoors due to enhanced stimulation of the body’s ‘feel good’ and ‘calming’ hormones.

Here are some more top reasons to join Johanna Green and her team for an outdoor fitness class.

  • Vitamin D & Fresh Air – there’s no sunshine in the gym
  • Boost your mental health – improve your mood and energy.
  • Relaxation – great for stress management
  • More sociable – both in the group and others in the park
  • Great value – learn to use your natural environment everyday
  • More motivating and interesting due to the variety the natural, green surroundings bring
  • More space – more variety in the workouts
  • Faster and easier to get fitter and healthier- studies suggest we can exercise outdoors at a higher intensity, however, it ‘feels’ easier!
  • Less equipment and technique –  more focus on everyday useful movements and fitness
  • Knowledgeable, personable, qualified instructors who guide you to exercise in the best & safest way and at the right intensity, for you.
  • Variety of workouts – changes in location and natural resources from the variety of gradient and surfaces, to steps, benches, posts, unending bodyweight exercises, group and partner exercises…..

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Outdoor Fitness Classes in North London

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What Our Outdoor Fitness Classes Clients Are Saying

Jo tailors each walk to individual needs …

Nordic walking with Jo is not only great fun (when she doesn’t make us climb too many hills!) but great for your fitness level.

Jo tailors each walk to individual needs and all abilities are catered for. Nordic walking is not to be underestimated and is a great way to work your whole body not just your legs.

I personally found it a great start to building up my fitness and I have now progressed to boot camp with Jo too.  Both forms of exercise are enjoyable but also challenging.

5 stars

Sonia, N22

Nordic Walking

Have a Question About Outdoor Fitness Classes?

Can I really get a full workout outdoors?
Yes, particularly in the Alternative Boot Camp classes, due to our special programming ensuring that all major muscle groups are used (with the use of resistance bands and particular exercises) , as well as a variety of energy systems (HITT , interval and aerobic training) and types of fitness (endurance, strength and flexibility), in every class. Nordic walking also uses the major muscle groups/the whole body and different energy systems (hills/intervals and aerobic) and types of fitness (muscular endurance and flexibility); Boot camp even more so due to its greater variety of exercises and movement…..
What is an Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp Workout?
It is an outdoor ‘circuit training’ style workout, with lots of variety, which uses all the major muscle groups, (whole body workout) and more….. The ‘fitness’ incorporates the many elements of fitness which are, aerobic (Cardio/stamina), anaerobic (HITT/interval training), muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility and mobility. Focusing on general fitness and health. find out more about what we do in Boot Camp Classes
What is a Nordic Walking Class?
You walk using poles. The ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’/Technique classes cover the 4 specific ‘gears’/techniques which teach you to use more muscle groups, increasing the intensity and your walking speed, to improve overall body tone, muscular endurance and stamina.   Read more about Nordic Walking Classes & Technique
Where do the Outdoor Bootcamp Classes take place?
In various areas of Alexandra Palace and Park, N22, N10, N8. It changes monthly, and there are 2 main ‘winter’ areas (Rose Garden and the BBC Tower stairs) and 2 main ‘summer’ areas (Fairground Car park and the Grove). For more details see our Locations page
Some benefits of Outdoor Fitness Classes over the Gym?
In short, you can get fitter, and healthier, quicker and easier as it is more enjoyable outdoors and there is greater variety of exercises/programmes…… Outdoor exercise lifts your mood and is great for stress relief. You get to benefit from and appreciate,  birds, lush green grass, ducks, herons, sunsets and sunrises, brilliant blue skies, stormy and moody skies, blossom, sunshine and Vitamin D, fresher more oxygenated air, flowers, cool and warm calming breezes, refreshing rain, exhilarating frosty days, snow crunching under foot, soothing sounds of nature, atmospheric moonlight, sense of freedom and space…. And more!
Can I try your classes first then join?
Yes, request the Free 7 Day Taster Pass to try either, or both, of the Alternative Boot Camp and Nordic Walking taster classes.[thrive_2step id='512']Get Your Pass Now![/thrive_2step]
I'm not sure of my fitness level, can you advise me?
Yes, we are happy to answer your questions, or concerns, and give you specific advice/guidelines for you to follow in each class. We can advise you on which exercises and intensities that are likely to be best for to begin with.
I'm a complete beginner, will your classes be too hard?
Classes are designed to be ‘suitably challenging’ for everyone, so that you can get fitter. You will be advised and coached to exercise at an intensity which is ‘not too easy’ and ‘not too hard’; however,’ just challenging/hard enough’ for you to get the health and fitness benefits. Therefore, you will choose and be guided to choose an exercise option/intensity which feels ‘hard enough’ for you at that present time. This can vary from class to class, depending on how you are that day; and will also change as you get fitter and healthier.
Outdoors! What if it's raining or snowing?
The class is always on regardless of the weather (only exception is lightning!!) Pay special attention to what you wear (see question about what to wear/bring), and bring ‘layers’ when it is wet or cold. It is best to get too warm and have to take layers off, than not to have enough layers. In the sun or heat, keep well hydrated, wear a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and stay in the shade. Also, we keep moving and can exercise at a higher intensity in the cold; therefore, slowing the pace down when it is very warm….
What should I wear? Do I need to bring anything?
Rain, snow, ice or shine, and whatever the temperature, the outdoor classes will happen! Therefore bring layers of clothing with you to take off and put on as appropriate, as well as hat, scarf and gloves (winter). Use a waterproof/water resistant bag. If there is a chance we do get wet, arrange that you can put on some dry clothes as soon as possible after the session, and/or wear some waterproof clothing and clothing which sheds water, in the first instance. In shine……, consider a hat, sun screen and sun glasses! Bring water. Wear comfortable footwear like trainers, or walking shoes. For Nordic Walking use a small ruck sack style bag (for your layers of clothing, water ….) as you require your hands and arms to be free moving and we are walking around the park. If appropriate, bring a hair band. A tissue is also good to have to hand.
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