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Bootcamp Fitness Classes London Locations & Class Times

When & Where We Run Our Fitness Bootcamp Classes

Alexandra Palace North London N22 7AY

We run our Outdoor Bootcamp Classes in the following locations:

  • The Rose Garden
  • The Pitch & Putt area
  • The Grove
  • The Fairground Carpark

For more details see the individual maps below.


Classes take place in Alexandra Park, close to Muswell Hill and Crouch End in North London. Postcode N22 7UJ.

There are several locations where we run our Outdoor Fitness Classes, here is a plan of the meeting points in Alexandra Palace: download a map


Our Fitness Bootcamp Classes Run Throughout the Week:

  • Wednesday: 07:00 – 08:00
  • Wednesday: 18:30 – 19:30
  • Thursday: 19:15 – 20-15
  • Friday: 09:30 – 10:30
  • Saturday: 09:00 – 10:00

Where In Alexandra Palace Park?

The Grove 1 & 2: Meeting Points

The Grove 1

The Grove 1:

Here are the details of the specific location for the grove:

  • Here
  • Here
  • Here

The Grove 2

The Grove 2 is found:

  • Here
  • Here
  • Here

The BBC Tower Stairs: Meeting Point

The BBC Tower Stairs: Meeting Point

The BBC Tower Stairs: Meeting Point is located:

  • On the South Terrace
  • In Front of the Alexandra Palace Buildings

If you need further directions call me on 07931 242358

The Rose Garden: Meeting Point

The Rose Garden: Meeting Point

The Rose Garden meeting point can be found:

  • To the East Side of the Main Buildings
  • To the North of the South Terrace
  • If you need further help then call me on 07931 242358

The Fairground Car Park: Meeting Point

The Fairground Car Park Meeting Point

The Fairground Car Park meeting point can be found:

  • South of the main buildings
  • East of the FAirground Car Park
  • If you need further help then call me on 07931 242358

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Outdoor Fitness Classes in North London

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Why Choose Outdoor Bootcamp Fitness Classes?

Day or night, throughout the year, Bootcamp Excercisers (Bootcampers) come regualrly to the classes. They come to get and keep fitter & healthier, often to lose a bit of weight, tone up and feel more energetic.

Most Bootcampers hate the gym but love being outdoors!

As well as getting a good workout and feeling great after the class, the classes are friendly, supportive and inclusive.

Whatever your skill or motivation for fitness, everyone matters and exercises are adapted for you.

What Our Outdoor Bootcamp Classes Clients Are Saying

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Have a Question About Outdoor Bootcamp Fitness Classes?

What is a Bootcamp Fitness Class
It is an outdoor ‘circuit training’ style workout, with lots of variety, which uses all the major muscle groups, (whole body workout) and more….. The ‘fitness’ incorporates the many elements of fitness which are, aerobic (Cardio/stamina), anaerobic (HITT/interval training), muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility and mobility. Focusing on general fitness and health. find out more about what we do in Boot Camp Classes
Am I fit enough to join a Bootcamp Fitness Class?
Classes are designed to be ‘suitably challenging’ for everyone, so that you can get fitter. You will be advised and coached to exercise at an intensity which is ‘not too easy’ and ‘not too hard’; however,’ just challenging/hard enough’ for you to get the health and fitness benefits. Therefore, you will choose and be guided to choose an exercise option/intensity which feels ‘hard enough’ for you at that present time. This can vary from class to class, depending on how you are that day; and will also change as you get fitter and healthier.
Do you order people around and shout instructions?
No Never! Our Outdoor Bootcamp Classes are not a ‘Military’ or ‘Army’ style workout. There are lots of ‘alternative’ Bootcamp exercise options for you to choose from, or to be recommended to you by your instructor. You can exercise, at your own pace (and still be suitably challenged, so that you get fitter and healthier) in classes adaptable for all fitness levels from absolute beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.
Where do the Outdoor Bootcamp Classes take place?
Classes take place in Alexandra Park, close to Muswell Hill and Crouch End in North London. Postcode N22 7UJ. There are several locations where we run our Outdoor Fitness Classes, here is a plan of the meeting points in Alexandra Palace: download a map
What should I wear to a Bootcamp class?
Rain, snow, ice or shine, and whatever the temperature, the outdoor classes will happen! Therefore bring layers of clothing with you to take off and put on as appropriate, as well as hat, scarf and gloves (winter). Use a waterproof/water resistant bag. If there is a chance we do get wet, arrange that you can put on some dry clothes as soon as possible after the session, and/or wear some waterproof clothing and clothing which sheds water, in the first instance. In shine……, consider a hat, sun screen and sun glasses! Bring water. Wear comfortable footwear like trainers, or walking shoes. For Nordic Walking use a small ruck sack style bag (for your layers of clothing, water ….) as you require your hands and arms to be free moving and we are walking around the park. If appropriate, bring a hair band. A tissue is also good to have to hand.
What should I bring to a Bootcamp class?
  • A bottle of water
  • A towel
  • Suncream in the summer
  • An extra layer in the winter
  • Enthusiasm
Will the class run if it is raining or snowing?
The class is always on regardless of the weather (only exception is lightning!!) Pay special attention to what you wear (see question about what to wear/bring), and bring ‘layers’ when it is wet or cold. It is best to get too warm and have to take layers off, than not to have enough layers. In the sun or heat, keep well hydrated, wear a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and stay in the shade. Also, we keep moving and can exercise at a higher intensity in the cold; therefore, slowing the pace down when it is very warm….
Do you run the classes throughout the year?
Yes we run all the classes throughout the year, check your updated monthly schedule for details of the coming fitness and exercise classes.
I'm pregnant / just had a baby ... can I still come?
Yes, if you were exercising regularly and in a similar way, (gym, exercise classes, running, walking, circuit training), before you got pregnant,  and your pregnancy is ‘normal’ (without any complications), you are advised to continue your life and activities as before. However, at all times, listen to your body, and each trimester has its challenges. We will advise and coach you on certain exercises, intensities and movements to avoid, or take care with, or change, as your pregnancy progresses.
What are the Health Benefits of Bootcamp over Running?
Top reasons ...  


  • You don't get a sunrise or a sunset in the gym?
  • Fresh air not aircon
  • As much space as you need
  • Enjoy the great outdoors
  • making it an everyday routine
I have an injury / I am recovering from an injury?
Nordic Walking workouts are ideal if you are looking for an exercise that can accommodate a joint or muscle issue or injury. Nordic Walking workouts are gentle on the joints and can be a good way to exercise even if you have: neck; shoulder; back; hip; knee or ankle problems. Anyone who is recovering from illness or injury will find Nordic Walking workouts perfect to gently introduce more activity into their life in a gradual and sustainable way.
Who goes to the Bootcamp Classes
Groups are small, typically 6 – 15 people. We are a friendly mix of locals with a wide variety of backgrounds, who dislike the gym; however, essentially anyone who enjoys getting fitter in the great outdoors. We’re sociable and welcoming and love to encourage others. Everyone has a different fitness goal, some want to shape and tone up, others want to run a marathon, whatever your health and fitness goal, Bootcamp is a great way to achieve it.

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